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Rave Reviews


Ashley E.

I highly recommend Mike Hales to anyone looking for a physiotherapist or sports conditioning coach in Vancouver.
He is extremely knowledgeable and has been very dedicated to helping me recover from my various sports injuries over the past 3 years.
Mike is professional in his approach to sports rehab and has a vast arsenal of the latest exercises and treatment methods, while always making the training sessions enjoyable. He is a confident, patient, kind and motivating therapist and I am so glad to have found Halestorm.

Julie H.

I've worked with Mike for several years in both injury rehabilitation and general fitness. He has taken the time to understand my rehab and fitness needs and worked to help me achieve them. I find Mike’s active rehabilitation approach to be functional and realistic. From a fitness perspective, Mike knows how to gently push the limits without going too far. He is always focused, patient and motivating. Since working with Mike, I feel fitter, stronger and stand taller. I highly recommend him for anyone wanting to get on a smart fitness and/or rehab track.

Kathy W.

Mike Hales, at Halestorm Physiotherapy, is an outstanding physiotherapist. He is knowledgeable, extremely professional and genuinely focused on providing his clients/patients optimum treatment. Last year, I had a serious knee injury and his treatment spearheaded a quick recovery! He is that one of a kind health professional who is truly involved in his clients recovery and is very motivating, patient, and compassionate.

Gail C.

I've been working with Mike since 2010. I am a triathlete and was referred to Mike for help with strength training. I had never worked out in a gym before. When I began training with Mike, I had been diagnosed with a weak posterior chain along with some major muscle imbalances. Although I was still able to play all 3 sports, I was constantly getting injured and was always falling short of reaching my racing goals, namely getting a Boston qualifying time for the marathon. Mike taught me much about my body, its strengths & weaknesses as well as its limitations. He is an amazing teacher! Mike also taught me much about the importance of strength training for injury prevention, and also for improved performance. Although I never did get a BQT for the marathon, and probably never will because of my inherent structural issues, Mike did help me accomplish the biggest sporting challenge of my life - Ironman Canada (Whistler) 2015. Mike's physiotherapy and strength training skills helped me get through the rigors of Ironman training without injury, which was a minor miracle in itself! He helped me cross the finish line with a smile on my face and a spring in my step. I defied the odds as I was counselled by a chiropractor in the athlete's tent the day before my race to consider pulling out because of the persistent instability in my SI joint. Most of all, Mike has been a pleasure to work with. He is humble, warm, kind, and gentle yet his workouts can be rigorous and demanding! Mike is like a magician who can pull out of his hat a massive variety of exercises which keeps the workouts interesting and fun. Mike is smart, has a well balanced approach to life & training, and cares about you as a person as well as a client. I would highly recommend Mike to any athlete looking to rehab an injury, looking to build strength, or looking to reach their athletic goals through maximizing performance.

Britany B.

I was recommended to Mike by a friend about a year and a half ago. I came to Mike with a longstanding whiplash injury, as well as ongoing knee and back pain. Mike is very accommodating, motivating, patient and above all else, kind! I have seen several massage therapists in the past that have only given temporary relief. I have found that my work with Mike has made a significant improvement with my pain in general, as well as my performance in sports. Very grateful for his recommendation!

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