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Curved for your back, neck, and spine.
Ergonomically designed to provide comfortable treatment for the back, spine and neck, this portable smart vibrating roller is a uniquely versatile rolling solution. Five powerful vibration frequencies and innovative wave texture work to deliver just the right angles of pressure to areas in need – releasing
soreness, reducing tension, and improving movement. From shape to material to added vibration, the Wave Duo is scientifically calibrated to elevate your rolling experience.
Ergonomic shape
Curved design to comfortably apply pressure to the unique curvature of your low-mid back, upper body, neck, and more.
Textured wave grooves
Adds traction control and works the muscle with varied angles of pressure.
Hypo-allergenic textured silicone
Ideal for noise dampening and a smooth, quiet roll.
5 vibration intensity settings
Vibration settings can be adjusted to your comfort level to help release soreness, reduce tension, and improve movement.
Bluetooth connectivity
Connect to the Therabody app via Bluetooth and discover guided warm-up and recovery routines specifically tailored to your needs.
USB-C enabled
Easy charging solution.
200 minutes battery life
Long-lasting battery life for sustained use
• Wave Duo
• Protective carrying pouch
• USB-A to USB-C cable

Therabody Wave Duo

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