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      Partners in Health


Treating the whole person often requires a team approach to optimize health. Halestorm Physiotherapy is proud to refer our clients and work in collaboration with this highly skilled group of clinicians and community organizations.

Dr. Alea Bell
Naturopathic Medicine

Dr. Bell tailors treatments to the individual’s needs and health goals. Treatments may include dietary recommendations, supplementation, acupuncture, herbal medicine, IV vitamin and mineral therapy, homeopathy, detoxification, lifestyle counseling, or neural therapy.

To Learn more, visit Dr. Bell here

Jamie Davey
Registered Massage Therapist

The Treatment Room is a massage therapy clinic that helps people recover from pain, stress and injuries caused by hunching over keyboards, working long-shifts, or pursuing athletic greatness.

Connect with Jamie at The Treatment Room

Dr. Aaron Case

Dr. Case combines his 10-years of formal education with Active Release Techniques (ART)®, laser, Graston Technique®, and Chiropractic to treat his patients.

You can connect with Dr. Case at


Lacey Kondi
Kondi Fitness

Kondi Fitness delivers a boutique fitness experience specializing in TRX, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and Callanetics.

Visit Kondi Fitness at


Forerunners is the industry leader in athletic footwear and running apparel. If you are looking for expert guidance in selecting your running footwear, finding the right technology to meet your needs or a running community for all levels, look to Forerunners. 

Find them at

Tara Wilson
Optimal Movement Kinesiology

Using her knowledge as a Kinesiologist and Pilates Instructor, and certifications as an Exercise Physiologist (CSEP), and in Soft Tissue Release, Tara aims to empower each client through education, realignment, and re-patterning as they work towards their personal health and fitness goals.

You can connect with Tara at Optimal Movement


AIM Medical Imaging
MRI Centre

We believe in a patient centered facility that provides timely access and customized care in an environment safe for all patients and their families. We believe in empowering our patients and physicians with more knowledge and understanding of their condition. This is the AIM promise.

If you have medical conditions that may affect the whole body, or are interested in proactive health screening contact us for further information or to set up an appointment.

To view their website, click here

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