• Michael Hales

In-Person Clinic Closure

Today we must make the official announcement that Halestorm Physiotherapy will not be opening the Clinic for in-person appointments until further notice, due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak. It is our duty as citizens of our community to demonstrate the critical need for social distancing, to avoid the spread of this transmissible virus. It is only with full compliance by every citizen, that we may lessen the number of infections, and reduce the burden on our health care system. I would ask that each of you share the message of this need to stay separated, in order to avoid the catastrophic consequences of an overwhelmed hospital system, and putting those who work there at greater risk. Please visit our website for our new options of Video Consultations and Active Rehab sessions. 

I thank each of you for your patience, kindness and loyalty during this difficult time for everyone. 

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